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How to Access Our Catalog

Our August 2020 catalog is available for downloading. If you are already a customer, email us for the download link.

We have dispensed with online product images and the shopping cart program.


The Ecuador government has shut down the post office. Planning to privatize it, is the plan. WIthout the post office, we are left with two shipping options: DHL Express and Air Freight. DHL is fast and reasonable. For most items. Like jewelry. For shipments up to 30 kg weight. But for large boxes of flutes and pants, for example, shipping rates for a 29 kg box are now 5x more due to the volumetric calculations.

We are looking for a solution. Air freight is available for shipments of 100 kg or more. For now no shopping cart system as shipping rates are difficult to calculate in advance due to the product mix.

Email us your order and we will create a draft invoice and do our best to give you an accurate shipping cost. Only when a box is fully packed will we know the exact amount.

That’s our system for now. This may change in the future.

Thanks for your understanding.